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Administrava Apr. 14th, 2003 @ 06:24 am
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» Administrava
As of today, greyl has nine members and is watched by eleven people.
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» KarasuKin : Kage
"I can not believe we are doing this," Kage muttered to his sister as they entered Bright Tiger and he dropped the name they needed to get past the now thoughtfully nodding man at the counter.
"Daddy'll have as fit," Kosei agreed cheerfully, clinging to his arm with her chin pressed against his shoulder blade. It was uncomfortable. He didn't mention it.
They were ushered to the back, and as they'd been expected, everything was waiting for them. Kage explained what they were wanting while Kosei grinned and shifted in her seat, nervous and expectant. This had been her idea.
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» Author's Note
The following excerpts are pulled from past attempts at interactive fiction. All references to characters and events dreamed up by others - unless directly responsible for my own characters' words, thoughts and actions - have been omitted. Therefore as the arc progresses, editing makes the story quite choppy. It is important to me that I, my readers, note this.

My original idea was to rescue as many of my old notes as I could, and compile all of my old shorts, so that I would have everything in one place to refer to, as a memory chest. Once that task is completed, I will attempt to start fresh, possibly re-writing from the beginning, with the story it all started with. Along the way I would compose side-stories, possibly coming up with a compilation or an actual novel/novellette.
» Greyhaven Guide

Greyhaven is a city that has it all - billionaires and beggars; ornately carved skyscrapers and squatting ramshackle hovels, and everything in between.
Are you interested in Native America or the Celts? Want to pursue a study of Asian cultures, or get in touch with your Italian or Jewish roots? Greyhaven, a wondrous melting pot and salad bowl of peoples from Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas, is the place to find those you seek.
Have you entertained dreams of becoming a classical musician, or making it in a rock band? Do you love the theatre? Do canvases and sculpture make your heart melt? Greyhaven is home to hundreds of thousands of artists; a few of them even get the chance to showcase their talent in the many venues, shows, galleries and museums that line the city streets.
Is literature your love? Greyhaven is the preferred home of innumerable writers and publishers, and the subject of even more stories.
Are you a closet clothes-horse? Could you spend hours - or days - bargain hunting and antiquing? There's no better place for it than Greyhaven, home of fashion mavens, interior designers, models, sweatshop employees, trendsetting club kids, and internationally known master craftsmen.
Is nightlife the life you want to have? The city is most interesting after hours, when the clubs really get hopping, and the neon shines. Eat at one of the sky-scraping restaurants, or tour the peninsula in a chartered boat after sunset, and watch the city sparkle like a jewel.
Is architecture your aspiration? Nowhere is there such a wonderfully intriguing mish-mash of building sizes and styles; walking through the lower city is a lesson in history as well as a visual treat, especially if one remembers to look up. And don't be frightened if you see a gargoyle winking down at you.

If you've just been to the Cliffs, you haven't been to Greyhaven. Although the outer edges of the city are host to some of the most beautiful homes in the world, as well as some of the ritziest shopping this side of Rodeo Drive, the action is in the heart of the city.
True, Lower Greyhaven is known for its runaways and grafitti, but the kids still seem to have some hope, and the writing on the walls sparkles with fairy-dust.
Scraggly trees, grasses and wildflowers fight for their right to live in the rocky ground of the Point, an infamous dumping ground for stolen cars that is, in places, a beautiful waterfront park. The area just south of the 'combs is the dirtiest; if junkyards are your bag, feel free to wander among the rusting BMWs and GMs in No Man's Land, but stay alert for the occasional drug dealer or user who might be prone to violence. Keep to the western part of the park, and stroll through historical markers, rose gardens, fountains, and even an giant aviary, courtesy of the Greyhaven Zoo and Botanical Garden. Speaking of the Botanical Garden, it lies in the Promenade, just south of Old Town's Deep Deus. The glorified glassed-in greenhouse is available for nighttime rentals if a particularly picturesque party is planned.
The wandering streets of the Catacombs are more than a home for derelicts; some architectural gems are doomed to decay here, though the low-income housing and overabundance of squatters trafficking in everything from prostitution to drug running can make them a rough place; be particularly watchful south and east of the Edgar Meadows Cemetary.
Trading and fishing dominate the aptly-named Shipyards, as famous for its Irish pubs and streetfights as it is for its watery transportation. The docks are meant for working, and tourists are given hard stares, if not sometimes bruises, so if you're coming in from Port Authority, make straight for the middle points, housing an historic district, lovely tea shoppes and gift centers, and some great bars. Stop by the area just south of the large and lovely gay residential section on Calliope Lane - this antique store- and club-strewn area is home Hermie's and The Blue Diamond; definite must-trys if you like wild nightlife.
Old Town is filled with ancient and art deco towers, as well as several churches and the multi-level modern-chrome Old Town Mall. This is the financial heart of the city, as well as the home of some historical hotels, publishing houses, and world-famous fashion shows. Old money resides at the Willows apartment building, overlooking the tattoos and trends of Clubland, a small but lively district where bars and dancehalls such as The Crow's Nest vie side-by-side with gentlemen's establishments like Belladonna's and The Den of Iniquity. If you want a tattoo, try Spike's for the best flash and on-the-fly needlework outside of Little Asia. Don't overlook the Deep Deus, a two-block section featuring the Chaos Cafe, Dragon's Den, and Folly; an eatery, wine-and-cigar bar, and mysterious, elite establishment standing the test of time in this ever-changing city.
On the bleeding line between Old Town and the West End are the theatres, as well as the home of the Greyhaven Ballet. Blake Square is surrounded by a lovely swath of green, and old men sit at the stone chessboards while performance artists busk and bemuse, people of all ages rollerblade, and children play.
The West End is where to go if you love art galleries, specialty shops, cafes, and impromptu street theatre. The most lively spot is High, between 23rd and 32nd, where you can find galleries such as High Art, the occult store Faerie Tales, and Summer Sounds Music - the place to buy everything from guitars to dumbeks. If you're hungry, head by Sylvester's; the wait staff and food is eclectic, but excellent.
The University Center is home to renowned Greyhaven U, with its award-winning programs in music and visual arts, as well as pioneering tracks in the studies of sciences and certain psuedo-sciences. The Center also houses a Mercy Medical hospital and the Metro Musuem, which one could probably live in and still not see everything.
Little Asia is the place to be if you love sweet'n'sour or sushi, are interested in karate or kung fu, are looking for anime ... or want a really good deal on silks or electronics. Slightly higher in price are the tattoos at Bright Tiger - and you have to know the Tiger to get that tat. More inclusive is the Golden Dragon restaurant, owned by newcome mogul Raiden Tatsumi.
Sometimes overlooked in Little Asia are the residents from India, who have found a home here, and the Buddhist Temple on 39th is one of the most peaceful and beautiful spots in the city. Just south is the Greek Orthodox Church, marking the Greek Quarter, a vibrant yet peaceful place to stroll and make friends with immigrants and second-plus gen families.
Tenement Row is several rows, actually, of Jewish delis, Italian eateries, and small boxy apartments squeezed in on one another. It may be cramped, but it isn't colorless, and the bargains here make it worth the visit - as well as an affordable place to live (as long as you don't mind nosy - and helpful - neighbors!)
The Factory is Greyhaven's industrial section, and sooty smokestacks dot the sky, though not all of the warehouses are used for their once-intended purposes. Artists lofts and clubs abound; try Zydeco Station for something different, or visit the Zane Blank Museum of Modern Art.
Looking for a dash of suburbia? Head north to the residential section known as Farewell Park. It's filled with Bill Cosby brownstones, stunningly picturesque parks, and tiny, although purely Gothic, churches - the grandest of which is St. Etienne's. There is even a lake, which Greyhavenites jokingly call "The Pond." The water is clean and clear enough for swimming; sometimes small sailboats provides a serene scenes. Sur le Lac is a capitalist complex built for the traveller, with a myriad of hotels and chain eateries built to take advantage of those views - but if you want a more intimate place to stay for a few days, try the B & B known as Le Soleil et la Lune.
If you have time, do drive up the Cliffs and shop at Riverside Circle; grace your walls with a gift from PosterChild, eat at the extraordinary five-star Stillwater Raven, or pick up a present at Winged Things, which sells avian and insect items only - they are actually quite unique!

If you like sports, head to Calvary Race Course, which is actually a complex for all motor and equestrian events. Street, motocross and flat dirt motorcycle tracks are also used by sport and formula one cars, as well as other vehicles. Across the road are equine events; resist the pull of the pines and oaks of the forest up the road and head back into town to take in a game at the Stadium, then wander by Greyhaven Memorial Hospital and City Hall to Greyhaven Preperatory Academy, where you might get a glimpse of the city's elite chauferring their children to school.
Speaking of elite, north Magazine Street houses the historic Greyhart Manor, home of one of the city's founding fathers. It's neighbor is the home of the mayor. Then take Spirit Dog Drive past the Andersen Estate - home of legendary motorcyclist Michael "Rook" Andersen - to the astounding grounds of the Tatsumi Estate, where entrepeneur Raiden Tatsumi relaxes (if such a man can!) After the experience of his house and grounds, finish your trip with a shopping spree at the Gallery Tatsumi - or simply people-watch the mega-rich.
Transportation in the city is easy; if a place is beyond walking distance, there are surface and subterranean vehicles, in the form of taxis, buses, and subways; Greyhaven's mass transit is affordable, clean, and relatively safe, though women travelling alone at night are better off above ground.
There is no "best" time to be in the city; spring, summer, fall and winter all have their pros and cons ... though there are many more pros!
So come to Greyhaven; have a look around. And no matter who is watching you, it's bound to get interesting.

All Content copyright 1996-2003 Lisa D. Coker
Thanks and apologies go to Charles de Lint for his Newford, and Terri Windling, for her Bordertown, the two main inspirations for this setting.

» Welcome
greyl is the community for fans of Greyhaven, created by Lisa D. Coker, known on the 'net as whitecrow0.
Greyhaven is an urban fantasy 'everycity' populated with mundane mortals, witches, werewolves, vampires, gods, faeries, demons ... and likely many more. If you enjoy Borderland, Charles DeLint, Laurell K. Hamilton, Mercedes Lackey, "Legend," "Labyrinth," "Dark City," "the Crow," or "Buffy," you may also find a place in your heart for the "Shades of Grey" and their adventures.

greyl is a read-only community, although comments are enthusiastically encouraged. To protect intellectual property, most posts are members-only. Occasional samples are provided to the public so that those unfamiliar with Greyhaven may decide if they would enjoy reading further. To save space on LiveJournal friends pages, most entries are hidden in all or in part behind a cut.

Thanks to all the Greylings for their support.
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